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Soldiers Drill Sect2 Part II - 3


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LESSON III. On Loading.

The instructor will command,

Load by word. Open, PAN.


1. Make a half face to the right, place the right foot square and close behind the left heel, turn the firelock, the lock to the front, seize it with the right hand at the small, take the left hand from the butt.

2. Let fall the firelock the swell in the left hand, the butt under the right arm, the muzzle as high as the eye, the guard a little outwards, the left elbow resting against the side, the thumb of the right hand against the steel, the fingers clenched, the elbow pressing the butt against the body.

3. Open the pan by forcibly pushing the thumb against the steel, the left hand resisting, and keeping the piece steady.

Open PAN Feet in "T" Fingers clenched Video: Open PAN
Open PAN


1. Bring the hand quick to the box, open it, take out the first cartridge felt, carry it quickly to the mouth, bite the paper to the powder, bring the hand down as low as the shoulder, the elbow down.



1. Incline the head that the eye may see the pan, fill it with powder, close the cartridge, bring the three last fingers behind the steel.


Shut, PAN.


1. Resist with the left hand, shut the pan strong with the three last fingers of the right.

2. Half face to the left, bring the right foot to the front, the heel against the hollow of the left, turn the piece to the position of the second motion of the secure, nearly, the firelock four inches lower by bearing strong on the butt with the right hand, and bringing the left hand to the left shoulder.

3. Quitting the firelock with the right hand, let it slide through the left, the butt falling lightly on the ground near the left toe, and bring the right hand up to the muzzle, which is before the middle of the breast, the piece touching the left thigh.

1 2 3 Video: Shut PAN 1 Video: Shut PAN 2-3
Right heel against hollow of the left
FOMC: For safety, the muzzle is held further away from the body so the piece does not touch the left thigh.
Shut PAN



1. Cast the eye on the muzzle, turn up the right hand and elbow, put the cartridge into the barrel, shake in the powder and force in the ball.

2. Turn the stock inwards, bring down the right elbow, and seize the butt of the rammer between the thumb and fore finger of the right hand, the fingers closed.

1 2 Video: Charge CARTRIDGE


1. Draw the rammer by extending briskly the arm, the nails upward, quit and instantly seize it again at the muzzle, the nails downward.

2. Draw it quite out, turn it between the face and the muzzle, and enter it into the muzzle as far as the hand.

1 Video: Draw RAMMER

FOMC: 2, For demonstrations where a cartridge in not used, the rammer is entered into the muzzle and held by the thumb and first finger.






1. Extend the arm, seize again the rammer, and with two strokes force down the cartridge, draw the rammer half out, seize it backhanded, draw turn and enter it as far as the tail pipe, placing the edge of the hand, the palm downwards, on the butt of the rammer, the fingers extended.

a b Video: Ram CARTRIDGE



Return, RAMMER.


1. Force the rammer home, raising the piece with the left hand to the shouldering position, placing the right hand against the piece at the small, and bringing the right heel back beside the left.

a b Video: Return RAMMER
Shoulder, ARMS.


1. Bring the left hand strong on the butt.

2. Bring the right hand down by the side.

1 2
Shoulder ARMS